The Tale Of Andilaveris








Andilaveris was known as the trouble maker of the small Greek island of Kythnos.

At the current time most of the vampires of Kythnos had been destroyed and no new vampires were sired due to the people placing wax crosses over the mouths of the recently dead (this was a old tradition that used to be practised in greece, they  believed that this kept Satan and his minions away from reanimating the corpse).  Andilaveris managed to survive the massive huntings of the time, and he was causing the people of the island great troubles. 

Andilaveris,  liked to annoy and bother people, he preferred this over killing and drinking thier blood –  often what his games would consist of raiding the small villages on the island, eating and drinking large amounts of food and smashing the people’s precious glass sculptures and pottery. The funny thing was he was more of a menace than a threat to the well being of the villagers.

One of his favourite things he liked to do was climb up onto the roof of  local churchs and cathedrals and urinate on passer-bys.  His one weakness was specific to his species type, he was avrykolakas (a common Greek vampire species) he was confined to his grave on Fridays (this was one myth about vrykolakas that varied from region to region). But because he was stuck in his grave that day, the island’s priest, sexton, and many others choose this time to open his tomb, and ferry him across the water to a nearby uninhabited island. There he could not longer cause trouble on Kythnos since vrykolakas can not cross water, so he was forever trapped.

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